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  • AAA Encouraged to Push Cell Phone Regulations

    Posted Apr 4th, 2014 By in Distracted Driving, safety With | Comments Off

    AAA is requesting that state lawmakers in Arizona improve traffic safety laws. They cited reported that show Arizona is behind on rules that address distracted driving, new drivers, and vehicle occupants in comparison with other states. A representative for the AAA said they aren’t sure why lawmakers haven’t made driving safety more important. They believe …

  • New Hampshire Considers Cell Phone Ban

    Posted Apr 2nd, 2014 By in Car Safety, safety With | Comments Off

    The 13th state to make hand-held cell phone use illegal while behind the wheel may be New Hampshire. The state passed a bill through the House, and the bill is now on its way to the Senate. The Commissioner of Safety said this highway legislation is one of the most important to be put before …

  • House Passes Distracted Driving Regulations

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    On Wednesday, the House passed an official ban on holding a cell phone or any electronic device while driving in Massachusetts. If a driver is older than age 18, they can use a hands-free device while driving. Advocates for the bill say distracted driving was involved with 28% of all fatal wrecks for the last …

  • Campaign Encourages Safe Driving Among Teens

    Posted Mar 6th, 2014 By in Distracted Driving, safety With | Comments Off

    In Colorado, Logan County is one of the top ten counties for deadly crashes involving a teenage driver, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. The state created a contest called “Live Life in Slo Mo” to increase awareness about the hazards of driving distracted in certain regions that have higher percentages of teen driver …

  • Police Support Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

    Posted Jan 15th, 2014 By in Personal Injury, safety With | Comments Off

    Yesterday, police in New Hampshire supported legislation that cracks down on distracted driving. A public hearing was held concerning three bill that address driving while using a hand-held device. A panel will continue to work on the bills as a committee, which will likely combine different features of each bill together to be considered in …

  • Iowa Group Proposes Stricter Distracted Driving Law

    Posted Jan 3rd, 2014 By in Personal Injury, safety With | Comments Off

    In 2010, Iowa banned texting while driving and many people are now engaging in efforts to spread awareness concerning the risks and consequences of this dangerous act. Although, texting is one of many distracting behaviors drivers engage in. The Iowa Department of Public Safety is currently proposing to pass a larger, more expansive state law …

  • Iowa Pushes for Distracted Driving Legislation

    Posted Dec 30th, 2013 By in Car Safety, Distracted Driving With | Comments Off

    Iowa Department of Public Safety officials realize distracted driving is a growing problem, and they are planning to campaign the next legislative session for ways to give law enforcement more abilities to keep drivers free of driving distractions. Officers have seen a rise in the number of collisions involving distracted drivers, and texting is more …

  • Texting Zones Target Distracted Drivers

    Posted Oct 2nd, 2013 By in Personal Injury, safety With | Comments Off

    The governor of New York recently announced a plan to introduce “texting zones” on state highways. Many are considering whether other cities should take similar steps. The “texting zones” will be placed along New York State Thruway and state highways. They are designed as designated parking areas where drivers can pull over and safely send …

  • Distracted Driving Summit Held

    Posted Sep 20th, 2013 By in Personal Injury Lawyer, safety With | Comments Off

    The National Organizations for Youth Safety 4th Annual Teen Distracted Driving Summit is currently underway. Approximately 150 teens and adults are joining to view presentations, participate in training and converse ways to prevent distracted driving. Students were chosen for their interest in safety efforts from cities throughout the US. The event is sponsored by State …

  • UK Not Too Keen On Google Glass At The Wheel

    Posted Aug 1st, 2013 By in Distracted Driving, Product Liability With | Comments Off

    Google Glass, which some United States lawmakers at the state level are currently in the early stages of attempting to ban from the wheel of a vehicle, is also having trouble gaining acceptance in vehicles in the United Kingdom.  The Department of Transport is currently putting together regulations that would limit the application’s usage among …

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