When Is An Injury Considered A Disability?


Most people think of Social Security as a government funded program to assist retirees after they can no longer work. What gets overlooked sometimes is that there are great many people collecting disability benefits because of a work injury or a condition that renders them disabled.

When Is An Injury Considered To Be A Disability?

There are standards put in place by the Social Security Administration which all recipients must meet in order to receive disability payments. Those standards include psychological and physical conditions that can be medically verified. In order to receive disability benefits for an injury, one stipulation is that the injury must be expected to prevent the employee from performing their job for at least one full year. There are many more rules, which we can explain to you during your free consultation.

What Is The Listing of Impairments?

The Social Security office has compiled a list of impairments which you can view on their website. All disabling conditions and injuries are categorized and listed as a reference tool. If your work-related injury meets the conditions listed, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Even if you do not meet the description given in the list of impairments, the Social Security office can examine your particular situation to evaluate any restrictions on your mobility and your ability to do your job. If they find you are not able to perform your regular duties, or if you cannot perform modified duties pertaining to your job, you may be eligible for disability benefits.

The Social Security Disability Process Is Complicated

Unique situations happen all the time, many of which are simply not covered by previous definitions of a disabling condition. When this happens, other steps must be taken to quantify your injury and qualify your disability. Because this is a federally funded program, there is a lot of bureaucratic paperwork and time constraints for that paperwork. One little misstep, and your disability claim can be delayed or denied. The whole process is time consuming, and all the steps can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with how the system works.

We Are Experienced PA Social Security Disability Attorneys

We urge you to put our experience to work for you – avoid making the mistakes that will slow your disability claim or stop it in it’s tracks. Our PA Social Security Attorneys handle disability claims all the time, we can get you the SSD benefits you deserve. If you have had your Social Security claim denied, don't give up, we can help you file for an appeal to get you the benefits you deserve.

Hire a Local PA Social Security Attorney

Handler Henning & Rosenberg has offices throughout Pennsylvania to help you with your PA Social Security Disability claim for benefits. If you would like to talk with an attorney, we offer a Free Consultation about your case, either online or in one of our offices. There are time constraints to file your disability claim, so don't delay, contact a Social Security Disability Attorney to get started today.

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