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Patients rightfully expect medical devices developed by large companies to do what they are supposed to: save lives and make living with a disability easier. Medical devices often do what they promise. However, when a lack of quality control, testing, or another form of recklessness cause medical devices to harm the people they are meant to help, they need to be held accountable. Those who receive defective medical devices are forced to undergo additional treatment, and may even have their quality of life made worse than it was before using the device. When this happens, medical companies must answer for damage caused by their defective products.

Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC has nearly a century of experience representing those harmed by defective medical devices. Since 1922, our firm has aggressively advocated on behalf of those who are injured by the negligence of others. We pursue compensation on your behalf because no one should suffer when a medical company fails to build a safe product.

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Defective Medical Device Cases We Handle

Understanding Product Liability Claims

Almost any item can be the subject of a product liability claim. Strict products liability can even hold a manufacturer or user liable no matter how safe the product was designed, labeled, or manufactured. The laws concerning product liability have changed from “buyers beware” to the current laws because of the damage and injury that can be caused by defective medical devices.

What Claims Can Be Made for Defective Medical Devices?

There are three general categories that defective medical device claims usually fall under. Some cases can rely on one of these categories while others can consist of a combination of them.

Defective medical device categories include:

  • Marketing: If a company fails to properly warn about risks that company a product, they could be liable for damages. 
  • Manufacturing: If a device is manufactured or damage before it reaches the consumer, multiple parties may be liable for the harm caused by the product's loss of ability to operate safely. 
  • Design: When the design is inherently flawed and causes harm, even when used properly, the repercussions for patients are serious. Companies that release poorly designed products are liable for the damages caused to those who trusted their promises. 

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