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Pennsylvania Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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Commercial vehicles, which include tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, and business-owned vehicles, take up a significant portion of our roads. Despite only making up 5% of vehicles nationwide, commercial vehicles are involved in 11% of highway deaths. In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports that accidents involving commercial vehicles caused 468 fatalities in 2017 alone.

Serious injuries caused by trucking accidents include:

Company-owned vehicles are a company's responsibility. Therefore, damage caused by a crash should be the responsibility of the companies and businesses involved in the use of a vehicle. Unfortunately, things do not always work out this way. At HHR, our team seeks to help our clients overcome this.

Holding Commercial Vehicle Owners Accountable

When commercial vehicles cause serious injuries, companies act quickly to get their own adjusters, lawyers, and investigators on the crash. They’re not there to “find the truth”—they’re there to make sure you don’t have a chance to hold them liable. They gather any evidence that hides their driver’s fault or suggests yours.

The only way to fight back is to get a lawyer and investigators on your side—people who are advocating for your side of the story. For thousands of people throughout Pennsylvania, our commercial vehicle accident lawyers have been their advocates and fighters. We have helped our clients win tens of millions of dollars, getting them medical care and helping them provide for their families.

We handle commercial vehicle accident cases including:

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