Client Testimonials

People come to our firm after experiencing the worst situations. Our goal is always to help them build brighter futures for themselves and their families, and we accomplish this by putting their needs and interests first. See for yourself what some of our clients have had to say about their experiences with Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC.

"Matt and the team at HHR took care of everything"

Well what can I say, Matt and the team at HHR took care of everything without me having to do much besides sign a few papers. With that said he always kept me informed and up to date on all the advancements an changes during the case. He always inquired about my thoughts first before offering his own which kept me from biasing my answer off of his words. Matt was very upfront about everything didn't beat around the bush or waste my time, he definitely is rated as highly as he is for a reason and does his job accordingly. I would recommend him to anyone who got hurt in an accident by someone. Don't question whether you should or not, at least give Matt at HHR a call and he'll hear you out and tell you your options, and that doesn't cost a thing. Thanks Matt and everyone at HHR!

Tim H.
      "HHR was 100% on my side the whole way through."

      Handler Henning and Rosenberg out of the Harrisburg, PA area, specifically Mr. Spears and team, made the whole process as easy as possible.They took care of the bill collectors that were hounding me for money I didn't have. All for medical bills resulting from a car accident, not of my fault, caused by road rage from another person… I felt the person who caused the accident should pay my medical bills stemming from it, and HHR were 100% on my side the whole way through and made sure all of my bills got paid, and that I got every dime that was due to me. If you find yourself needing representation of this kind, I highly recommend Handler, Henning & Rosenberg. Especially the Harrisburg, PA office. Ps. Thanks again for all of your help!

      Sandrew P.
      "I’m glad I contacted Handler Henning & Rosenberg."

      My car accident turned into a real messy situation when the insurance company got involved. Andrew Spears represented me and stayed with me through five years of legal disputes. Never once backing down when the insurance company wouldn’t budge. I’m glad I contacted Handler Henning & Rosenberg. He always assured me that things would work out in the end. And thanks to him I was able to keep from going to court. Instead, we tried mediation. This proved to be what it took to win my case and put a smile on my face. Thanks again Andrew and everyone over at HHR.

      Kevin S.
      "Matt ensured that my questions were answered quickly and provided explanations that were abundantly clear."

      If you’re searching for a law firm in Pennsylvania, look no further than Handler, Henning & Rosenberg. The entire staff was professional, caring and worked diligently to settle my case. Attorney Matt Rosenberg is conscientious and adept at negotiating the best possible settlement on behalf of clients. Matt ensured that my questions were answered quickly and provided explanations that were abundantly clear. I will certainly refer him to friends and family.

      Matthew S.
      "I just focused on healing while Matt took care of everything for me!"

      I have nothing but AMAZING positive things to say about everyone at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg but I have to say thank you so much to Matt Rosenberg and all the help he gave me. After my car accident I had no idea how to go after the person that hit me or how to help pay for my bills, the medical expenses or even for pain and suffering! Matt Rosenberg took care of everything for me! I was never burdened with taking on this fight myself, I just focused on healing while Matt took care of everything for me! All their help lead to a settlement without going to court and I know he got the macimum and didn’t stop till he felt I was being compensated! I give an A++++ rating to this law firm and will recommend them especially Matt Rosenberg whenever I or any friends or family have issues in the future! Thank you again Matt Rosenberg and everyone at HHR!

      Megan L.
      "My settlement was handled quickly and gave me the best settlement available."

      I was in a car accident, my first, and have a neck injury. I had never been through the complicated process that kicks in after such an event. I was in pain, unsure of what to do. My husband contacted the firm and it was wonderful. Any questions or problems were taken care of. My husband was able to take care of me instead of navigating billing issues and dealing with the insurance companies involved. My settlement was handled quickly and gave me the best settlement available. It made things much easier for us and I would highly recommend HHR.

      Betsy R.
      "Their assistance, constant explanations, updates, and handling of negotiations was courteous and professional at all times."

      We are writing this letter to tell you how pleased we are with the selection of HHR as the law firm representing Ina Alessi. Throughout her hospital stay, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and recovery both Kate Kuhns and Attorney Matt Crosby guided her through this arduous process. Their assistance, constant explanations, updates, and handling of negotiations was courteous and professional at all times. Questions were answered promptly and clearly. Each step of the negotiating process was explained including the possibility of further legal action and trial. This was a very trying time in Ina’s life. Your email and phone contact with her brother-in-law Giles Couch was an enormous assistance to her cause. Again, we wish to thank you and to tell you that Ina is completely satisfied with the outcome and settlement. Hopefully, we will not experience a similar accident. However, we will not hesitate to recommend HHR to others. Attorney Crosby and Ms. Kuhns were always kind, courteous, and helpful. Do not hesitate to use this letter as you address other clients and potential clients.

      Giles C. For Ina Alessi
      "The whole staff was knowledgeable and the entire experience with them was great."

      I was involved in a peculiar vehicular accident and on top of being injured, was getting the runaround and denial of benefits and coverage from the insurance companies. This forced me to look for representation and I was referred to HHR by another attorney. I was given great care and after only one meeting, I could stop worrying about the mounting medical bills and start focusing on my recovery. The whole staff was knowledgeable and the entire experience with them was great.

      Ed L.
      "He gave me my life and future back!"

      I never thought that I would need a lawyer to fight for me, but I am glad that I chose Handler, Henning, and Rosenberg. Matt Rosenberg was my lawyer and I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Matt Rosenberg came to my house because I was unable to travel any distance. He was direct, friendly, and cared about me and my case. He was very professional. Matt Rosenberg answered any and all questions I had and if he wasn’t sure of an answer, he took the time to find it. He always kept me updated about what was happening with my case. He even went to an inquisition and doctor’s appointment with me. He reassured me during both of these situations and kept me positive and upbeat whenever I was feeling helpless and ready to give up. He gave me my life and future back! Matt Rosenberg fought for me and resolved my case with a favorable outcome for me. I am so very grateful to him for everything! Thank you just doesn’t seem fitting enough. I will never be able to say thank you enough times for all Matt Rosenberg did for me. I will forever be grateful to him and will always recommend this law firm to anyone who needs representation or someone to fight for them.

      Tina M.
      "I put my trust in your hands and was happy that you settled my case!"

      Suing someone because they injured you in a car accident can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially for one with no experience in this area. I am very grateful that I chose Andrew Spears from Handler, Henning and Rosenberg to represent me in my case. Everyone there from the lovely lady at the reception desk to my legal team made me feel very welcome. I put my trust in your hands and was happy that you settled my case! Thank you so much for putting me at ease from the beginning and keeping us informed and reassured through the entire process. I would definitely highly recommend Andrew Spears and Handler, Henning and Rosenberg to anyone seeking Legal representation.

      "We would not have known what to do without your help."

      Jeff, thank you for everything you and your associates did for me. We would not have known what to do without your help. Everything has been running smoothly since settlement. I am now receiving Social Security Disability benefits [..] I'm also letting you know that unfortunately, I do not follow social media, but that being said your firm HHR and your name has been talked about with family, friends, neighbors, and past co-workers. So if I ever hear of anyone needing your assistance, or your firm I'll make sure they call HHR and ask for Jeffrey Watson. My wife and I cannot express enough how we appreciated your help. Thank you, you and Carolyn both.

      "I would not have been able to get through this without their help."

      I would like to take this opportunity to commend the efforts of Dave Lutz who worked on my behalf. I was hit from behind while walking to my car in a mall parking lot in February 2017. I was transported to Hanover Hospital where I was operated on to repair a fracture of two bones in my ankle. I tried to deal with the insurance companies on my own, but I finally realized I would need a professional to work through the maze that is the insurance and medical world. I contacted your firm and made an appointment with Dave. He sat down with me and explained the process in detail and what I could expect going forward. You have no idea how relieved I was when Dave took over and worked the case. Dave and his paralegal, Mary Geraets, were very professional and kept me informed all along the way. Dave employed an investigator to track down the police officer at the scene and an eyewitness. He worked over the next several months dealing with the other party’s insurance agent. He and Mary worked with Medicare and Carefirst Blue Cross / Blue Shield, my Medigap insurance company, to secure lien releases from both. After nine months, he was able to negotiate an equitable settlement with the other party’s insurance firm. Dave worked to keep me on track and not to think too far ahead. Mary kept me informed, answered my questions, and made sure I submitted all required documents. My thanks to both Dave and Mary for their efforts on my behalf. I would not have been able to get through this without their help. The professionalism and dedication of both Dave and Mary is something you and your firm should be proud of.

      Matt E.
      "Thank you for helping me through this life transition and showing so much compassion in the process."

      Just wanted to send a thank you for helping me through this life transition and showing so much compassion in the process. You know I raised my girls telling them you may not be able to change the world. But always try to change your little part of it around you—and, you know, you do that.

      Marlene D.

      Contacted HHR right after my accident and they were on the case immediately. Even though it was about 2 yrs later for settlement I was pleased with results.

      P Ritter
      "Awesome Law Firm"

      HHR has handled my auto accident a few years ago, and they were wonderful! HHR just got my disability case finalized and approved! Thank you!

      Jane Dziewior

      Etters, PA

      "HHR handles the worry"

      Many years ago; I found Scott Henning for my mother's auto accident. He handled my dad with such care and kept him informed with mom's case. When I had my accident I called HHR right away because of how my mom's case was handled.I originally gave a 4 star review but after thinking back on things. I give Mr. Rosenberg and his firm a 5 star rating. When I first met Mr. Rosenberg I was a total ball of nerves. I never wanted to leave the house and I was afraid of everything. I really put Mr. Rosenberg threw the ringer. He handled me with care and great patience. Sometimes I pushed him to his limits but he was still there to help me. I have come so far since my accident that I am very grateful for Mr. Rosenberg. God has put me in a wonderful place now. He showed me just how experienced and patient Mr. Rosenberg is. I was kept informed all threw my case and if I had questions, which I had many, I called him and he answered me so that I understood what was happening with my case. I am very grateful. I will use HHR again and recommend them to anyone who needs a great lawyer. Thank you Mr. Rosenberg

      "I would recommend him 100 times over."

      I worked with Jeff Watson and he worked very hard to get what I deserved from workers compensation. I would recommend him 100 times over.


      Mifflintown, PA

      "Professional, courteous and would highly recommend to anyone."

      David Rosenberg handled a wrongful death suit for us. He kept us informed every step of the way throughout and we received nearly max settlement that law would allow. Professional, courteous and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you David.

      "It was a pleasure working with such a caring, sympathetic, and professional attorney."

      This review is for Lawyer Jeff Watson, It was a pleasure working with such a caring, sympathetic, and professional attorney. In the past, I have worked with all types of attorneys and have not been satisfied. However, working with Jeff he has gone above and beyond to handle my case appropriately and has restored my faith in attorneys. I highly recommend Jeff Watson if you are looking for an attorney to work with. He gets results! I also want to thank Stephanie, who works side by side with Jeff for her professionalism and assistance during my time of need. THANK YOU JEFF FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

      Elise W.

      Lancaster, PA

      "HHR Gets It Done!"

      I contacted HHR via email a couple days after my husbands accident. Immediately recieved a call from Jeff Watson, whom not only took on our case but he came directly to hospital and he never stopped working, answering questions and being there for us from start to finish! It was a very long process, about 4 and half years to be exact but again Jeff was there and so very helpful, respectful and understanding throughout it all. We would definitely highly recommend a million times over!! R & J Lynch