Motorcycle Accident Claims Life of Motorcyclist

Last month a motorcycle accident on Market Street in Lemoyne claimed the life of one person. The motorcyclist was transported to Harrisburg Hospital after the motorcycle crash but later died from injuries he sustained in the crash. According to eyewitness accounts, the man was unconscious after the accident. A bystander administered CPR until emergency personnel arrived. The crash shut down Market Street while investigators and others worked the accident scene. The cause of the accident was not released in this report; however, it is another example of the dangers motorcyclists face in a collision with another vehicle.

In 2014, there were 3,368 motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania resulting in thousands of injuries and 186 deaths. Nationwide, 4,295 people died in motorcycle accidents that year.

Can I Prevent a Motorcycle Crash?

Motorcyclists cannot control what other drivers do while on the road; however, they can take extra precautions to decrease their risk of injury or death from a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle crashes tend to result in catastrophic injuries for the rider because of the lack of protection offered by a motorcycle. Unlike a passenger vehicle, there is no protection for the rider in a collision. The rider receives the full impact of the collision. In many cases, the driver is crushed by the other vehicle or thrown from the motorcycle.

To decrease your risk of being injured in a motorcycle accident you can:

  • Always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet reduces your risk of death by thirty-seven percent and reduces your risk of a head injury by sixty-nine percent.
  • Make yourself more visible to other drivers. Unfortunately, drivers do not always pay enough attention to the road to see a motorcyclist in time to avoid a collision. Make yourself more visible by always riding with your headlight on and wearing brightly colored clothing.
  • Wearing protective clothing can also reduce the risk of injury from lacerations and abrasions in an accident.
  • Avoid distractions. Never wear headphones while riding your motorcycle or use a cell phone. You need to keep your focus on the road to watch for careless or distracted drivers who might pull out in front of you or sideswipe you because they are not paying attention.
  • Watch for road hazards and road debris.
  • Use extra caution when riding in inclement weather, fog, dusk, or dawn.
  • Keep your motorcycle maintained and in good working order.
  • Take a motorcycle defensive driving course.

For more information on motorcycle safety, see the motorcycle safety page of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Call the Motorcycle Accident Attorneys of Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC

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