Pennsylvania's Nursing Homes Fail Miserably

According to one watch group for nursing home abuse, Pennsylvania's nursing homes have failed miserably. The watch group Families for Better Care rates all 50 states on overall nursing home care quality. Pennsylvania nursing homes were downgraded to a D from a C; however, the newest report by the watch group will rate Pennsylvania nursing homes at an F, putting Pennsylvania in a small category of states that have a decline in nursing home care.

Nursing Home Staffing A Major Concern

One of the biggest differences between states that have an A rating for nursing home care and states with a failing grade is staffing. One news agency looked into the difference in staffing between Pennsylvania and other states with good grades. Pennsylvania only requires 2.7 hours of direct care per resident per day whereas states with passing grades require an average of 3.6 hours of direct care per day per resident. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommends an average of 4.1 hours of direct care per resident per day.

What is Being Done About Nursing Home Care in Pennsylvania?

Last year Community Legal Services of Philadelphia released a report revealing that the department of health had mischaracterized the severity of violations by nursing homes and had dismissed 92 percent of the complaints as "unfounded." After receiving the report, the Secretary of the Department of Health Karen Murphy stated, "We’ve been meeting since last July and reviewing ways we can enhance care and regulation of nursing homes." Murphy also said that her department has instituted mandatory training and has resumed taking anonymous complaints. With the changes in effect, nursing home complaints have increased by 34 percent.

Unfortunately for some residents, the changes in nursing home care and reporting of nursing home abuse is not enough. Nursing home abuse and the lack of quality nursing home care continues to be a problem for many nursing home residents and their families throughout Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, many local nursing homes have made the news for the wrong reasons.

What Can I Do If My Loved One Has Been Abused In A Nursing Home?

If you suspect your loved one is being abused in a nursing home or is receiving poor care in a nursing home, you can take action. First, speak with the nursing home administrator to voice your concerns and complaints. You may be able to resolve the problem directly with the nursing home. Pennsylvania's Department of Health mandates that every nursing home have a procedure in place to address and resolve concerns and complaints.

If the nursing home fails to resolve the problem, you may have to resort to more drastic measures, like contacting a nursing home abuse attorney.

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