Taxotere Cancer Drug Linked To Permanent Hair Loss, Alopecia

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Handler Henning & Rosenberg will not back down from a fight with a big pharmaceutical drug maker who puts profits above the safety of consumers.

Drug Maker Knew of Possible Permanent Side Effects of Using Taxotere

We believe the makers of Taxotere knew about the inherent risks of breast cancer patients developing alopecia, or permanent hair loss, after being administered chemotherapy solutions containing Taxotere. We also believe that the drug maker purposely hid these facts from the public by suggesting their drug to be more effective than other taxanes (certain drugs used in chemotherapy solutions belong to a family of drugs called taxanes).

There may also be evidence supporting the claim that another taxane, Taxol, may be more effective without the risk of permanent baldness (alopecia).

Studies On Taxotere Show Permanent Hair Loss In Chemotherapy Patients

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers – A Head Of Our Time

A network of cancer patients who have experienced chemo-induced alopecia, or permanent hair loss. They have an excellent list of studies done on the link between alopecia and breast cancer chemotherapy treatments.

10th Annual National Cancer Research Institute Cancer Conference – Long Term Hair Loss in Patients with Early Breast Cancer Receiving Docetaxel Chemotherapy

Results: Of those responding 21 (15.8%) had significant persistent scalp hair loss.

FDA Approves Safety Label Changes

Did You Suffer Permanent Hair Loss After Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Treatments?

Studies have also shown that hair loss during chemotherapy is a prime consideration for women about to undergo such treatments for any type of cancer. The psychological pain of dealing with baldness as a woman is very real. If you have suffered permanent alopecia after undergoing chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries to include disfigurement, emotional scarring, and pain & suffering. Find out if you are eligible by getting a free consultation with an injury attorney at Handler Henning & Rosenberg today.