Birth Injury: Did Your Doctor Fail To Perform Hypothermia Therapy?

Hypothermia therapy is a medical treatment option in which an infant’s body temperature is reduced shortly after birth in order to decrease the chances of severe brain damage and slow down disease progression. Studies show that hypothermia therapy, also known as head cooling, increases a newborn’s chance of survival and reduces the risk of neurological disabilities. Conditions that may require this kind of treatment include fetal heart abnormalities, lack of oxygen in the mother’s blood before birth, fetal anemia, premature birth or an enlarged infant.

It is your doctor’s responsibility to monitor your baby and recognize when intervention is necessary. If your doctor or nurse is negligent during delivery or birth, your child may not receive hypothermia therapy when needed. This occurs when there is a failure to:

  • Monitor an unborn baby
  • Take appropriate action during a difficult delivery
  • Recognize umbilical cord issues
  • Perform a C-section
  • Recognize or treat hypoxic ischemia

While there are dangers associated with hypothermia therapy, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks. Hypothermia therapy can reduce the chance of severe brain injury by 25% and save an infant from developing cerebral palsy and other debilitating conditions caused by brain damage. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), children who underwent treatment as infants have a higher survival rate at 6-7 years and are less likely to develop severe developmental issues than infants who didn’t receive hypothermia therapy.

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