Nursing Home Residential Rights

nursing home residents

Nursing homes are meant to provide elderly residents with accommodations that allow them to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. As many as 5 million seniors experience nursing home abuse every year. It is important for nursing home residents to know their rights.

Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident

Nursing home residents have certain rights and protections under the law. According to the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law, nursing homes must “promote and protect the rights of each resident.” These federal requirements must be met. If a nursing home fails to follow these legal requirements, a legal claim can be filed.

Nursing homes must provide all new residents a copy of the rights listed below. You have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Be informed in writing about services and fees before you enter the nursing home
  • Manage your own money
  • Keep and use your personal property as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights, health, or safety of others
  • Be informed about your medical condition and medications
  • Refuse medications and treatments
  • See your own doctor
  • Choose your schedule—including sleeping hours and activities
  • Have an environment that empowers you to be as independent as possible

Residential Rights Guarantee Quality of Life

The 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law requires each nursing home to care for its residents and enhance the quality of life of each resident by ensuring dignity, choice, and self-determination. Nursing homes are also required to provide services and activities to maintain the highest standards of physical, mental, and psychological well-being of each resident.

If you or your loved one’s rights are being denied at a nursing home, you have the right to seek compensation. Contact our nursing home abuse attorneys today for a free consultation: (888) 498-3023!

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