Surviving an 18-Wheeler Accident

It was a cold February morning when a young FedEx driver stopped on a bridge on U.S. Route 85 north to help a stranded motorist. He soon found himself fighting for his life.

Jeremiah Cribb was on his way to make a delivery when he spotted a car stalled in the fast lane. He stopped to help, but he was soon confronted by a tractor-trailer barreling down the highway. The truck showed no signs of slowing or merging into another lane, and Jeremiah did the only thing he could: he jumped over the median. The truck crashed into the stalled car.

Cribb avoided the 18-wheeler, but he fell 75 feet. He remained motionless on the ground at the bottom of the bridge, afraid he had broken his back. It wasn’t until emergency responders repelled down and assessed his condition that he was able to stand up, shaken and breathless.

Miraculously, Cribb suffered no permanent physical harm. His injuries were severe, including a collapsed lung and a few broken ribs, but he would recover.

This story of survival is hard to believe, but it’s something that Cribb won’t likely forget.

Truck Accidents: Dealing with the Aftermath

Every year, thousands of large trucks are involved in traffic accidents across the U.S. Some victims of these collisions, like Cribb, are lucky to escape with their lives. Others aren’t so lucky. Their loved ones are left behind to pick up the pieces.

Truck accident survivors and their families are left facing:

  • Overwhelming medical expenses
  • Complicated insurance claim investigations, delays, and denials
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Profound emotional trauma

There is no way to go back and prevent a crash from happening in the first place, but there is a way to set things right. In court, victims and survivors have an opportunity to expose what caused their injuries and losses: unsafe driving, drug or alcohol use, safety violations, overloaded trucks, defective truck parts, and more. They have the chance to recover financial compensation that helps them rebuild.

People whose lives have been taken or turned upside down by truck accidents deserve a chance at justice. That’s what we provide at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC. We’re committed to helping victims and their families get the support and care they need to move on. Since 1922, our firm has fought for what’s right. Our Pennsylvania injury attorneys represent good people who have experienced the worst circumstances—and help them turn things around by holding at-fault parties accountable.

To find out more about our team and what we can do to help after your serious accident or injury, call (888) 498-3023. Your consultation is completely free and confidential.


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