73 Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup Accident on Pennsylvania Interstate 581

cars driving in snow

At about 2:00 pm on Saturday, a massive pileup accident on Interstate 581 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, led to 10 injuries and a road closure that lasted for several hours.

A total of 73 vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred during whiteout conditions caused by a severe storm system. Snow and wind battered the state during the day on Saturday, affecting driving conditions and leading to a “flash freeze” warning from local news outlets. More than 1,300 flights were delayed or canceled along the East Coast.

A portion of I-581 was closed for about 4 hours while authorities worked to clear the scene and investigate what caused the pileup. According to a Pennsylvania State Police trooper, the injuries ranged from “minor to moderate.” Thankfully, no one was killed.

Those who were injured were transported to local hospitals to receive care. Because of the cold weather, buses were also sent to the scene of the pileup to transport people to a warming and reunification center set up by the New Cumberland Fire Department. They were able to meet up with loved ones at the center while sheltering from the cold.

Pileup accidents like these are terrifying and catastrophic for many reasons. When they’re weather-related, the risks are even higher. People may be stranded in the cold for hours, awaiting transport or medical care. Immense vehicles like 18-wheelers may barrel through already-stopped vehicles, crushing them in their paths. Dozens of people may be harmed. That’s what happened in a Texas pileup accident involving more than 100 vehicles in February of 2021. Black ice led to treacherous conditions on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth. 6 people lost their lives and 65 were injured.

When accidents happen, our team at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC is there to help. Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys have been representing the injured for the past 100 years. We know what it’s like to live and drive in Pennsylvania in the winter, and we know how devastating a serious pileup can be. We will continue to follow the details of this incident as they emerge, and we are standing by if you need insight or answers.

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