York PA Dog Bite Laws Too Lax?

York PA Dog Bite Laws

A York PA woman intends to address the city council about local dog laws after two serious attacks in the area within the last week. The woman, who is also an attorney, says her ultimate goal is a breed ban of all Pit Bulls from the city limits. She states that she would like to start a conversation about dangerous breeds in hopes of changing state law. Pennsylvania state forbids banning any specific breed, a position shared by many dog rescue groups and the ASPCA.

Why Breed Banning Doesn’t Work

According to the Humane Society, there is no credible evidence to support or demonstrate that any dog breed is inherently more dangerous. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association has found that no breed is any more dangerous than another. Breed bans are nearly impossible to enforce, as simply identifying a ‘Pit Bull’ is extremely difficult. There are several breeds that share many of the same physical characteristics of them – such as short, squared noses, muscular stature, etc.

Dangerous Dogs Learn At Home

Dogs who spend their entire lives isolated or chained up, can be bite out of frustration and fear. Dogs behave the way they are trained (or not trained) by their owners. Dog owners have a responsibility to provide the animal with proper surroundings to foster a healthy, happy, and friendly dog.

The Real Solution is Being Proactive

Proactive strategies to avoid dog bites are suggested by the Humane Society for local lawmakers. Some of the actions they suggest include; understanding real risk factors for bites and minimizing those risks. With proper training, a dog owner is able to recognize signals that indicate their pet is excited or stimulated.

Help for Dog Bite Victims

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries. Property owners have a responsibility to visitors of their property which are covered under premises liability laws. If a person’s dog bites you on their property, they are responsible for your safety on their property and may be held liable. Please feel free to contact Handler Henning & Rosenberg anytime if you have questions regarding dog bites, we offer a FREE Consultation about your case.

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