Deer Season Means More Collisions

Deer Collisions in Pennsylvania

If you are trying to avoid hitting a deer while driving the Pennsylvania roadways, the odds are not your your favor. According to new data from State Farm Insurance, deer collisions occur most in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. State Farm estimates that one in 71 Pennsylvania drivers will suffer a vehicle collision with a deer. West Virginia odds are one in 39 drivers – the highest odds for the eighth year straight. Pennsylvania drivers account for 10 percent of all deer collisions in the U.S.

October – December are Especially Dangerous

Likelihood of a deer collision more than doubles in October, November and December, during deer breeding season. These numbers are further compounded during dawn and dusk, when deer are on the move. Deer collisions can cause great amounts of property damage as well as serious injuries. 175 deaths were a result of animal collisions in 2012, the bulk of which were deer. The average insurance claim totals $3,888 (up 13.9% from last year).

Some Tips to Avoid a Deer Collision

  • Avoid known deer areas, or use extra caution when approaching deer crossings
  • Use high beams at night, when there is no oncoming traffic
  • Try not to swerve when you see a deer – they are very unpredictable
  • Scan the road continuously for deer
  • Do not rely on deer whistles or other devices

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