Traffic Into Lancaster Slow Again This Morning

Expect Long Delays Into Lancaster City Again This Morning – Just Like Yesterday

PPL Electric Utilities crews that were working on replacing a pole close to South Queen and Chesapeake streets yesterday snarled traffic coming into Lancaster, as they had to close one lane of traffic during the morning commute. Crews stated that the lane closures would be in effect until 2:30 this afternoon. This is a bit more time than usual, as they need to drill into solid concrete in order to replace the poles.

Be Careful, Be Patient, Arrive Alive

As Lancaster-based car accident attorneys, we see far too many people injured by another person’s carelessness or reckless driving. Most times, erratic driving is simply a result of impatience. Plan ahead by leaving early or having an alternate route to make your drive less stressful. Also, having a plan in place allows for quick adjustments for the unexpected. Above all, be careful – for your benefit and for the benefit of other drivers.

Lancaster PA Car Accident Attorneys On Your Side

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a serious car accident in Lancaster City, Lancaster County, or anywhere in Pennsylvania, you have a legal team in Handler Henning and Rosenberg. Our car accident attorneys will not back down from large insurance companies that offer a low-ball settlement, we fight for the rights of our clients to be sure they receive the maximum compensation allowed by law for their injuries, property damage, and pain / suffering.

Several Law Office Locations Throughout PA

We have five law offices to handle any personal injury case, and if you cannot come to us, we will come to you in the hospital or at your home. Our personal injury lawyers offer a Free Case Evaluation to help you make an informed decision moving forward. Contact us today to get started right now.


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