Local Motorcycle Club Gearing Up for Fundraising Event in Hershey PA

Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital received a visit from some local motorcycle riders in preparation for a fundraising event taking place on August 22nd. The event is called the Helping Little Hands Charity Ride, and benefits the Child Life Program at the Children’s Hospital. The bikers showed up with blank flags to be decorated by children who are current patients at the hospital. During the ride, the motorcycle riders will have the flags waving behind them at the event.

Motorcycle Riders & Their Contribution To Our Community

Handler Henning & Rosenberg appreciates the efforts of our local motorcycle riders and how much they contribute to local charities. Of course, there are plenty of motorcycle rallies for national charities as well, but the fact that these wonderful bikers take time out of their schedules to brighten the days of ailing children is commendable. Our law firm wants to help local bikers as they help our community. That’s why we fight diligently for motorcycle riders’ rights after a serious accident.

Injured In a Motorcycle Accident? Car Accident with a Motorcycle? We Can Help

Our experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyers understand that a great deal of injured bikers were not at fault for their injuries. Most people driving a passenger vehicle (ie. car, truck, SUV) simply do not look for a motorcycle when checking for clearance in traffic. We see far too many motorcycle riders who are seriously injured by the driver of another vehicle turning left in front of the biker. This is extremely common. As is the prevalence of drivers who enter a roadway in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

As lawyers who handle motorcycle accidents, we understand the fact that people who do not ride typically underestimate the speed of a motorcycle approaching, or they simply are looking for a larger vehicle before pulling into traffic. Police officers have even commented about how many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider, but by the negligence of a careless driver.

We Help Bikers Who Were In A Motorcycle Accident Because of a Careless, Negligent Driver

We have offices throughout Pennsylvania to help injured motorcycle riders get the compensation they deserve after an accident. We fight diligently to protect your rights so that you are not taken advantage of by a low-balling insurance company. Bikers can suffer far more serious injuries in an accident and we want to be sure you are covered for all medical bills, out of pocket expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain & suffering.

If you cannot come to us, we will come to you at your home or in the hospital to provide a free consultation about your legal rights. Help is on the way!


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