Should I Negotiate with the Insurance Carrier for the Trucking Company?

Commercial truck accidents are a problem in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. A trucking company must deal with the risk of liability issues due to the number of deaths and injuries caused by their trucks. Each year, thousands of people die in truck accidents throughout the country. Approximately 67% of the individuals are occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles and another 15% were bicyclists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians. Only 16% of the deaths were occupants of the large trucks.

Big Rigs Cause Serious Damage To Passenger Vehicles During a Wreck

The great disparity in the individuals who die in truck accidents is due largely in part to the vast difference in the size of the vehicles involved. A large truck offers far more protection to its occupants than other types of vehicles. The risk of traumatic, life-changing injuries is also much higher in truck accidents; therefore, the insurance carrier for the truck company is far more likely to fight the accident claim to avoid paying a high settlement figure.

You Need an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

Negotiating with the trucking company or its insurance carrier may result in a lower settlement amount. Accident claims involving a trucking company are typically complex and much more difficult to handle than the average car crash involving only passenger vehicles. The trucking industry is regulated by federal and state laws; therefore, you need an attorney familiar with the trucking industry and who has an extensive knowledge of trucking laws to negotiate with the trucking company and its insurer. The insurer for the trucking company will do everything in its power to reduce the amount it pays to you for your claim; therefore, a deep understanding of the laws and regulations are required in order to settle a claim with the trucking company and its insurer effectively.

Who Pays For Damages After a Trucking Accident?

Another issue that can become a problem when handling a truck accident case is who to pursue for the claim. The trucking company may be liable for your damages; however, the truck driver, the shipper, a manufacturer, another owner, and possibly other parties may be at fault for the truck accident. Unless you perform a detailed truck accident investigation to identify all of the liable parties, you may not receive the maximum compensation for your claim.

Furthermore, because the insurer and the trucking company will be searching for ways to reduce their liability, you must act quickly to identify and preserve key evidence that establishes fault for the accident. If you do not act quickly and understand what to search for during the investigation, key evidence you need to prove your case could be lost or destroyed. For example, preserving the information on the truck's black box and obtaining records from the trucking company and various government agencies is crucial in a truck accident lawsuit. Our trucking accident attorneys understand this process and we have the resources and experts necessary to handle a commercial truck accident claim.

Are You Trying to Negotiate a Claim with a Trucking Company or the Insurer?

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