Free Rides to the Library for Seniors

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Cumberland County commissioners approved a program today to allow senior citizens to utilize the county’s shared ride transportation service. Seniors will have to make a reservation for a ride, as they already have to do with other free ride programs available. The program is slated for one year, as a trial run, beginning tomorrow, March 3rd.

Free Rides Available for Other Necessities Too

Seniors in Cumberland County have already been able to make reservations for a ride to other destinations, but the library was not included until now. Prior to this pilot program, county seniors could schedule a free ride to grocery stores, the post office, or to medical appointments.

More Information About Free-Ride Program

Funding will be drawn from the state lottery, under the Aging Block Grant. The phone number for the transportation hotline is 717-240-6340, or call toll free: 1-800-315-2546.

Senior Drivers Are Safe Drivers

Surprisingly, seniors are involved in proportionately fewer car accidents than any other age group, according to the PennDOT crash statistics for 2013. Only 1% of senior drivers aged 70 & up were involved in a car accident during 2013 in Pennsylvania. 1.1% of drivers age 65-69 were involved in a car accident. Compare that to 21-year-old drivers, where four times that amount were involved in a car accident. In fact, as age increases in Pennsylvania drivers, accident rates decrease. We applaud the efforts of Cumberland County commissioners for this program to help seniors get to their destinations safely. Although the statistics suggest that Senior drivers are already relatively safe, it is a pleasant peace of mind knowing that Grandma doesn’t have to drive in our treacherous PA snow & ice. Our senior citizens provide a vital thread to our community’s fabric, so we feel they deserve the best services and care possible.

The Gray Generation is Growing

A new generation is aging, and it is a large one. According to the Administration on Aging, there will be 72.1 million elderly by 2030, which is more than twice the number in 2000. Nursing homes have been steadily getting more crowded with the new demands, and unfortunately, staffing sometimes suffers. If you or a loved one is not receiving the type of senior care that you or they deserve, you may be able to file a Nursing Home Abuse claim.

A Legal Team on Your Side

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