Jury Awards $2.2 Million in PA Medical Malpractice Case

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A now-paralyzed logger from northwestern Pennsylvania has won in his lawsuit against the hospital which improperly treated his spinal injury, and won big. On Friday, a civil jury awarded 50-year-old Robert Anthony and his wife and caretaker, Tina, with $2.2 million after a nearly two-week trial.

X-Ray Did Not Show Man’s Spine Was Broken

Anthony was injured in the summer of 2012 when a 500-pound treetop slammed into his back while on a logging worksite in Pennsylvania. The impact of the treetop broke his spine, but the hospital he visited after the injury did not properly diagnose the fracture. Unfortunately, the hospital did not take a CT scan of Anthony’s back, electing instead to take only X-rays which did not reveal the fracture because Anthony was in too much pain to lie down properly for a full set of X-rays.

Misdiagnosis Leads to Paralysis

Although Anthony stayed in the hospital for three days, his fracture was not properly treated. After spending two days at home in pain, he was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital and the fracture was properly diagnosed. Unfortunately, Anthony was already paralyzed from the waist down by then.

A Convincing Expert’s Testimony

During the trial, a surgeon testified that Anthony would be walking today had the fracture been diagnosed properly during his first hospital visit. The jury apparently agreed, awarding Anthony $300,000 for past pain and suffering, $1.7 million for future damages, and $200,000 to his wife, Tina, for her suffering. The hospital that treated Anthony was responsible for 80% of the damages as the result of the negligence of its employees, the attending physician and the physician who first treated Anthony in the emergency room, respectively.

“Our heartfelt thoughts are with Mr. Anthony and his family as they attempt to move past a very trying period,” the hospital said in a statement. The hospital “will continue to make improvements in the delivery of our care to assure that positive clinical outcomes are achieved.”

When Misdiagnosis and Medical Mistakes Happen, Talk To An Injury Lawyer

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