Lancaster Accident Leads to Death of Passenger, Guilty Plea

On Tuesday, 23-year-old Erick Lopez of Lancaster pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and reckless endangerment in connection with a motor vehicle accident which resulted in the death of his passenger, 23-year-old David Castro-Valdez, on January 3 of this year.

According to authorities, Lopez was passing other vehicles at high speeds — more than 100 MPH — in a 25 MPH zone when he lost control of this vehicle and slammed into a utility pole by the side of the roadway. Neither man was wearing a seat belt.

Lancaster Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Although Lopez’s guilty plea all but ends the criminal phase of his case (except for sentencing) there is also the possibility Lopez will be held liable in a civil lawsuit for the damages he caused to Castro-Valdez’s loved ones as a result of the crash. These damages would come as part of a personal injury or wrongful death case stemming from Lopez’s negligent and reckless behavior.

While many people may not consider themselves the suing type, especially after a serious crash where the health and safety of loved ones is at the top of mind. However, these lawsuits are also an integral part of the process of protecting your legal rights, and taking the steps necessary to earn the financial compensation you deserve after your life was changed forever by someone else’s bad behavior.

Lancaster PA Injury Attorneys To Help You Win Your Case

If you have started researching the process involved in filing and following through on a personal injury or wrongful death claim after an accident in Pennsylvania, you know there is more to it than meets the eye. You need to create and submit the correct documents, navigate and conduct discovery, negotiate with the insurance companies, prepare for an argument in court, and much, much more. An experienced Lancaster PA injury attorney can help guide you through the process. Intimidated by the tricks of the insurance companies? Get an aggressive lawyer who will stand up to the insurance companies and ensure your rights are protected. Call Handler, Henning & Rosenberg Law today by visiting our contact page today. Your initial consultation is always free, and we get paid nothing unless you win your case.

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