Pennsylvania Preparing for Worst of Hurricane Joaquin

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Recently, Hurricane Joaquin has ripped through the Carolinas, resulting in heavy winds, torrential rains, and nearly-unprecedented flooding in many areas. This has added up to life-threatening conditions for many, especially those along the coast. Weather models have predicted a scenario where Pennsylvania will miss the large part of Joaquin’s ferocity, but experts point to the unpredictability of the storm as a reason to take proper precautions.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is taking Hurricane Joaquin seriously. On Thursday, Wolf met with emergency preparedness, weather, transportation, law enforcement and safety experts to discuss the state’s preparedness for the possibility of being hit by the upcoming storm. After these series of meetings, Wolf and others held a press conference.

“This hurricane has taken a lot of twists and turns so I think it’s too early to say that we’re not going to get hit,” Wolf said. “We’re, as I always say, hoping for the best but we’re preparing for the worst.” PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards said PennDOT will have crews monitoring area roadways and have emergency staff and equipment available located throughout the state. “We are prepared and ready for whatever the forecast may bring us,” Richards said.

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director Rick Flinn warned that Pennsylvania residents should prepare for heavy rain, wind, and the possibility of flooding and power outages. “Those are the impacts that we prepare for from an emergency management perspective, and collectively, the state agencies,” Flinn said. Pennsylvania Governor Wolf added at the end of the press conference: “We have no grounds, at all, for complacency.”

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