Plan Ahead to See Pope Francis During Papal Visit

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PennDOT has partnered up with the Pennsylvania Turnpike to launch a website devoted to helping people visiting Philadelphia to see Pope Francis. The Papal visit is scheduled for September 26th & 27th, and traffic is expected to extremely dense. In response to expected traffic the website was launched.

Up To The Minute Traffic Reports are available via mobile device or desktop computer. There are maps & directions for getting into (and out of) Philly to help travelers coming from around Pennsylvania and other outlying areas. For people trying to avoid the chaos, there are also maps and alternate routes around the Papal visit. PennDOT and the PA Turnpike see this as an invaluable resource for anyone traveling over the weekend.

More Traffic Means More Car Accidents – Be Careful

The convergence of people trying to get a view of Pope Francis means our Pennsylvania roadways will be snarled with traffic. And, with all the recent road construction going on, you can be sure of some delays, some frustrated drivers, and undoubtedly, some car accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a car accident while visiting the Pope, you have an ally in Handler Henning & Rosenberg. We are experienced injury lawyers who handle car accident claims all the time.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Lots of people believe they can just handle their own car accident case. If it’s a minor fender-bender, they might be right. However, if you are seriously injured in a car accident, you would be best served speaking with an accident lawyer about your legal rights. Handler Henning & Rosenberg fights insurance companies to get accident victims the compensation they deserve. Why? Because we see too many insurance adjusters trying to strong-arm innocent people into accepting less money than they are entitled. We fight to get our clients reimbursed for outstanding medical bills, property damage (getting your car fixed), lost wages, and pain & suffering after a car accident.

Don’t Worry, We’ll Take Care Of Everything

Our best form of advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. Listen to what one of our clients had to say about his recent car accident case in Lebanon, PA:

I was involved in a vehicular accident and on top of being injured, was getting the runaround and denial of benefits and coverage from the insurance companies. This forced me to look for representation and I was referred to Handler, Henning & Rosenberg by another attorney. I was given great care and after only one meeting, I could stop worrying about the mounting medical bills and start focusing on my recovery. The whole staff was knowledgeable and the entire experience with them was great.

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