FDA Warns Consumers About Powdered Caffeine

Powdered Caffeine Is Pure & Concentrated

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to consumers about the dangers of powdered caffeine. Available online in bulk bags, powdered caffeine is so pure that one teaspoon contains the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee.

Caffeine Can Be Toxic

Because the powder is so concentrated, household kitchen measuring devices are not accurate enough to regulate the amount being used. Even small amounts of pure caffeine powder can cause an accidental overdose. The FDA warning stems from a recent high school student who died from apparent caffeine overdose just days before his graduation.

Logan Stiner died in his home with 70 micrograms of caffeine in his blood—over 40 percent above the lethal level. His parents didn’t realize that he had been using caffeine powder as part of his pre-workout drink mix. Stiner’s family later sued for not providing suitable warnings re: the fatal dosage of caffeine.

In March 2017, another student died from a caffeine overdose while sitting in class. Davis Allen Cripe, 16, suffered a fatal cardiac arrhythmia after consuming a latte, a Diet Mountain Dew, and an energy drink in a two-hour period. In an autopsy, it was determined that he had no drugs or alcohol in his system, and he didn’t have any undiagnosed cardiac issues. He was killed by a completely legal (and frighteningly common) amount of caffeine.

Parents Need to Recognize Signs of Caffeine Toxicity

Because energy drinks and other caffeine supplements are so popular with teens and younger adults, parents are strongly advised to be aware of the signs of caffeine toxicity. The perceived benefits of caffeine lead people to try stronger and stronger concoctions for use when studying or participating in athletics.

Symptoms of caffeine overdose / toxicity can include:

  • Rapid or Erratic Heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Disorientation
  • Vomitting
  • Diarrhea
  • Death

What To Do

If you suspect that an individual or yourself have had too much caffeine, stop using it and seek medical care immediately. The best advice is just to stay away from the powders altogether.

Health Updates for Pennsylvania Residents

As Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys, we see too many PA residents harmed by no fault of their own. We strive to provide our neighbors with the information they need to avoid an injury before it happens by providing safety updates like this one. We have several other FDA Warnings and recalls listed on our Defective Medical Devices page, our Defective Products & Recalls page, and our Defective Drug Side Effects page, for your reference.

If you or someone you love was harmed by products that—like caffeine powder—had no warning about the risk, speak with our lawyers immediately. Since 1922, we have fought for the injured in Pennsylvania, winning millions for their recovery or losses. We refuse to let our communities and neighbors suffer from the negligence of manufacturers and marketers. Speak with us in a free consultation to understand your financial and legal options.

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