Free Safety Courses for Pennsylvania Motorcycle Riders


According to the Department of Transportation, in 2017, there were 3,194 motorcycle accidents reported in the state of Pennsylvania. Thankfully, the state is dedicated to reducing those numbers by providing a free motorcycle safety program. However, out of the 845,000 licensed riders, less than 2% have been trained in the motorcycle safety program. This is why it is encouraged for licensed motorcyclists to take these free course. Regardless of your expertise level, the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PMSP) offers a variety of classes—providing valuable information that could save lives.

Types of PMSP Courses

The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program urges riders of all ages to prepare by taking these training courses. There are 3 different courses that riders can take, depending on their expertise.

Basic Rider Course

For new riders seeking a license, PMSP offers a five-day, 15-hour license course. This course spends 5 hours in a classroom setting discussing the basics and 10 hours of practical riding. These classes are extremely helpful for first-time riders because it provides them with a safe setting to develop good riding habits.

Basic Rider Course 2

This course is for experienced riders who have had a permit and already own a motorcycle. This course can be taken in a day and is 6 hours long. This course is great for riders who want to refresh their safety habits.

Advanced Rider Course

This course is for expert riders that want to enhance their riding safety skills and awareness. This course is modeled after a military training course and provides 3 hours of class instruction and 4 hours of essential riding safety skills.

Students will be required to provide their own gear, depending on the course. Permit holders under the age of 18 are required to successfully complete the BRC course in order to receive their motorcycle license.

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