Should You Move a Crashed Car If It’s Blocking Traffic?

crashed car

It’s rush hour and you’re driving to your destination when, suddenly, another vehicle collides with yours. You are shocked and confused. What do you do? Should your car stay put even though it is blocking traffic—or should you move it?

Well, it depends.

For a Minor Car Accident…

The most important thing to do after experiencing an accident is to check if you, your passengers, or people in the other vehicle are injured. If your accident is minor, then there is no law that prohibits you or the other driver from moving to a safer location to exchange information. Police often advise drivers to exit the highway and find a parking lot or side street to avoid distracting other drivers on the road.

For a Major Car Accident…

However, if you are injured beyond the ability to move, the other driver have been injured, or a passenger has died, it is critical to call 911 as soon as possible and leave your vehicle in place.

The law requires us to notify the police of any injuries and call for medical assistance. If the accident results in injuries, death, or property damage, you should report it to local law enforcement immediately. If you are not injured, you should do your best to provide assistance to other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians that have been injured during the accident.

Moving your car after an accident truly depends on the seriousness of the accident. If it is a major accident, authorities advise us to leave our vehicles in place—even if it is blocking traffic in rush hour. If it is a minor accident, moving to the shoulder or a side-street recommended.

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