Spinal Cord Injury Law to Begin in December

Later this month, a new set of laws are set to take effect in Pennsylvania. One notable law is Senate Bill 31. The legislation was sponsored by Senator Mario Scavello and will fund spinal cord disability research. The funding does not use new revenue. Instead, the research will be supported from health-related research programs already in use by the state. A total of $1 million will be devoted to spinal cord injury research.

The law aligns Pennsylvania with several other states putting money toward spinal cord injury research. A dozen other states, including New Jersey, Ohio, New York, Maryland, and Virginia, are also supporting spinal cord research efforts. Researchers in many of these states have had breakthroughs since receiving more funds for their work.

The goal of the bill is to fund research that will find innovative treatments for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and disabilities. In a statement about the bill, Representative Marcia Hahn said, “Every year, more than 12,000 individuals incur spinal cord injuries, mostly because of traffic accidents. While this injury is currently permanent and irreversible, researchers are not giving up and are focusing on ways to regenerate or reconnect nerve pathways. Advances are being made and Pennsylvania has a chance to play a role in that progress.”

Who This Bill May Help

At Handler, Henning & Rosenberg, we have seen the lives of too many clients turned upside down by serious spinal cord injuries. These injuries force individuals to completely change their lives. Often, a person with a spinal cord injury loses the ability to work, incurs considerable medical debt, and requires assistance to accomplish daily tasks. Our personal injury attorneys fight for the recovery of clients with spinal cord injuries every day. We are happy to see that hope is on the horizon for people who have had their lives unfairly changed.

If you have a spinal cord injury caused by the actions of another person, you do not have to wait for recovery. Contact the Harrisburg spinal cord injury attorneys at HHR today at (888) 498-3023 for a free consultation!


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