After 9 Years, Superior Court Grants $3 Million for Birth Injury

The birth of a child is the most memorable experience in every parent’s life. Parents eagerly wait to hold their healthy baby child in their arms for the first time. Unfortunately, not every parent’s story ends as they hoped it would. Even with the most experienced doctors and hospitals, things can go wrong during a child’s birth than scar them for the rest of their life.

Birth Injury Leads to Partial Paralysis

Monica Broughton’s delivery of her son Amari Broughton-Fleming became a nightmare when she discovered that her new baby boy was born with a paralyzed arm. Her wishes of a healthy baby were taken away from her when her doctor, Peter Wong, pulled too hard on the baby’s head and neck while he was trying to dislodge a stuck shoulder during delivery. As a result, Wong permanently damaged the baby’s right shoulder.

Broughton filed a lawsuit against Wong and the Dedicated to Women OB-GYN organization for the birth injury of her son. The suit claimed that Wong failed to disclose the risks involved within the 2008 procedure—such as permanent loss of mobility. Although Wong was aware that Amari’s shoulder was trapped behind his mother’s pelvis, Wong tugged his head in a swift downward motion to try to dislodge it—disregarding the possible risk.

Due to his medical malpractice, the Superior Court jury issued a $3 million verdict against the Dover OB-GYN for forcefully and unnecessarily pulling the child by his head during delivery.

The Importance of Contacting a Birth Injury Attorney

Having a child with a permanent disability due to a birth injury can be costly—leaving parents with many questions on how to deal with such an emotional situation while putting them under significant financial stress. It is vital to contact a birth injury attorney as soon as possible to help you answer all your questions and help you head in the right direction.

“He asks if his arm is ever going to be normal,” Amari’s mother said. “He wants it to grow.” Armani can’t ride a bike or play soccer—his favorite sport—but because the Superior Court awarded them $3 million, Amari and his mother are now able to start over and get him the care he deserves.

If your child has been a victim of medical malpractice due to birth injury, your healthcare provider should be made responsible for your child’s lifelong needs. Contact our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys today to learn your legal options.


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