Why You Should Avoid Discussing the Case with an Insurance Company

We have probably all heard before how we are supposed to be covered when it comes to insurance companies. We expect them to be there at one of the most challenging times in our lives—but how do we know the claims are legitimate and that they are looking out for our best interests?

Often, one of the first things someone does after being injured in an accident is call the insurance company. While it is good to report the incident, going into too much detail can be more harmful than helpful to you for a number of reasons.

Speaking with a Lawyer First Protects Your Rights

Protecting your legal rights and options should always come first. Insurance companies and the defendants are often quick to contact a plaintiff to get their account of the event and determine fault.

The problem is that some people do not know what they should or shouldn’t say to protect themselves from being taken advantage of. Plaintiffs are asked numerous questions by the defendant and their insurance company in hopes of some admission of fault.

Even saying phrases like “I am sorry,” or “I didn’t see them there” can be considered an admission of guilt. This devalues the plaintiff’s claim or even gives a reason for a complete dismissal of the case. Having a lawyer on your side means you will know what you should—and shouldn’t—say to protect your claim.

Insurance Companies Will Seek to Gain an Advantage

When an injury occurs, the insurance company will be looking to minimize their losses, which means paying out the least amount of money possible. Part of this means requesting a recorded conversation with the plaintiff about the incident.

One tactic of this is to find contradictions in the plaintiff’s story and how the accident occurred. If they can successfully raise doubts about the plaintiff’s memory or leverage conflicting reports, it may damage the claim and force the plaintiff to accept a lower settlement offer or cause the insurance company to place blame on the plaintiff.

It is entirely acceptable to deny speaking with the insurance company until you talk with a lawyer and have your lawyer either present or speaking to the insurance company directly. This often prevents plaintiffs from saying something that could sabotage their case and leave the insurance company or the defendant free from accepting liability.

At Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys understand how to protect the rights of our clients and guide them through discussions with the opposition. We are dedicated to protecting your best interests and obtaining justice on your behalf when you need it most.

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