David & Matthew Rosenberg Featured in New Series "The True Power of Attorney"

Handler, Henning & Rosenberg has always been on a mission to help people build their future. Our mission is reflected in the DNA of our firm, where our core staff includes a father and his son and daughter. Recently, David and Matthew were invited to share their story and the story of HHR on a new series titled "The True Power of Attorney." The show features some of the leading attorneys in the nation sharing compelling and heartfelt accounts of what it's like to work in the law.

As Penn State graduates, David and Matt spoke about their shared family history at the historic university: both men met their wives while attending, and Matthew's sister and David's brother also attended and eventually married Penn State graduates. Matthew shared his initial career as a marketing professional and talked about what eventually led him back to the law, which he had wanted to practice since he was a boy. Regarding his early career, David revealed that his decision to become a lawyer initially hinged on one weakness: his inability to do calculus.

A Steep Learning Curve

The two of them also spoke about one of the most formative events in the law firm's history and in both men's lives: a massive heart attack that left David comatose for a month and hospitalized for more than three months. While David was incapacitated, Matt took over his father's role and put the firm on his shoulders. He also handled more than 100 pending cases that David had been working on when he collapsed.

Speaking about the biggest challenge he faced when he took over while his father was in the hospital, Matt said, "It was learning to manage, and to manage people. And to make sure that, not only was I able to manage them but that they trusted the decisions I was making, and that I knew was I was doing. That was difficult, but again, that goes back to me having outside experience. My first job wasn't given to me by my dad...I actually had some experience at a different firm and worked for a judge and knew what I was doing."

"I have to admire when Matt had to step in and pick things up. That was amazing," David added. "He was put in a very difficult situation, there's no question about it. It was a situation that many people would not have been able to handle. Certainly not been able to handle it as well as Matt did."

Both partners spoke at length about legacy and what makes their job rewarding: the ability to change lives and help people get back on their feet. To them, the trials and hardships of the job are worth it, especially when they receive calls from thankful clients.

"We get a bad rap sometimes as trial lawyers and 'ambulance chasers,' and all that stuff," Matt said. "But we don't call people; people call us. And when people call us, it's because they need us."

Watch the full episode of The True Power of Attorney below:


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