What the Juul Lawsuits Are Actually About

It hasn’t been a great year for Juul. The company has been accused of targeting minors through advertising and marketing its products as a safe alternative to cigarettes. After significant backlash and orders from the Food and Drug Administration, Juul eventually stopped advertising through social media and no longer markets itself as a healthy way to stop smoking. However, the damage from Juul’s tactics is already done.

While research is still evaluating the negative health effects of vaping products, including the ones produced by Juul, the results are not promising so far. Now, vaping companies are facing a slew of lawsuits from people who are suffering from respiratory illness and other types of diseases linked to vaping. Juul has been at the center of this controversy due to aggressive marketing and because it controls nearly 75 percent of the United States' e-cigarette market.

A Former Company Executive Is Suing Juul

Last October, a former executive filed a lawsuit against Juul. Siddharth Breja served as Senior Vice President of Global Finance at Juul between 2018 and 2019. In his lawsuit, he accuses the company of firing him because he opposed their business practices. He also alleges that Juul knowingly shipped a million contaminated nicotine pods to customers. Juul asserts that Breja was fired because of a lack of leadership qualities needed for the job. Breja alleges that Juul is “reckless” and encourages a company culture of “win at all costs.”

Lawsuits from Juul Users

Juul has been the target of several lawsuits from users who claim to have developed illnesses caused by their products. One 28-year-old man filed a case accusing Juul products of causing a severe form of pneumonia he developed after using them for seven months. He says that he bought the Juul pods because he thought they would help him quit smoking. Instead, he found himself “powerfully addicted” to the Juul mango pods he started using. The man said he would find himself waking from sleep just to take a draw from his Juul.

Just a few of the Juul users suing the company include:

  • A 21-year-old Pennsylvania man who developed a serious lung condition while using Juul products. He was placed on life support for two weeks because his lungs were 80% filled with fluid from vaping.
  • A Kansas man who accuses Juul of targeting teens and getting him hooked on nicotine while he was still in high school.
  • A Colorado man who is suing Juul for “pain, suffer and emotional distress” because of nicotine attributed to the company’s products.
  • Parents of a Florida girl who claim her addiction to Juul products triggered her seizures.
  • A Texas woman who blames Juul’s advertising methods for hooking her on nicotine. She eventually developed lipoid pneumonia and permanent lung damage that she attributes to her use of nicotine.

What the Juul Lawsuits Are About

The lawsuits listed above are a small sample of the accusations that Juul is facing. While research is still confirming the side effects caused by vaping, nicotine addiction has always been unsafe, and Juul marketed its products to teens and adults as a safe and trendy alternative to traditional cigarettes. In fact, California and New York have filed lawsuits against Juul accusing it of targeting young people. The cases allege that the company used flavored pods to entice an entire generation into nicotine addiction.

The Juul lawsuits are about one thing: holding a company accountable for questionable marketing and lofty promises that placed the health of their customers at risk. No company should be allowed to get away with marketing to minors and hooking them on nicotine without fully disclosing the risks of their product. If you’re struggling because of medical problems that you believe are related to Juul use, call Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC today. Our firm is ready to fight for your compensation and help you find the answers that you deserve. We’re investigating the claims already made against the company, and are prepared to help you.

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