Who Is Liable After Road Debris Causes an Accident in PA?

road debris

Sometimes, the most dangerous road conditions aren’t caused by unsafe drivers or their vehicles. Instead, they’re caused by the debris these drivers leave behind them. Road debris comes in many forms: tools from work trucks, furniture from moving vehicles, and other unexpected obstacles create significant hazards for drivers.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, road debris caused accidents that injured about 39,000 people and killed 500 more between 2011 and 2014. This means that road debris is a serious problem, and those suffering from a car accident caused by it deserve compensation from the party who could have prevented.

How Liability Is Determined During a Road Debris Accident

Determining where road debris came from is the most important step to placing liability. If a person hits an object on the road, they might be able to tell where it came from. However, it might be useful if other drivers witnessed the accident. Then, they’ll be able to confirm if they saw where the debris came from.

Useful ways to prove fault after a road debris accident include:

  • Dashcams
  • Witnesses
  • Security footage

Pennsylvania law requires all drivers to secure anything they are carrying on their vehicles. If something falls off their vehicle, they are required to retrieve it or report it to authorities so it can be removed before it causes an accident.

What If Someone Causes an Accident While Swerving to Miss Debris?

If a person causes an accident because they swerve to miss an object on the road, they’ll likely be liable for any damage and injuries. While objects on a road present a significant hazard, the law requires drivers to be defensive and ready to safely avoid them. However, an at-fault driver might be able to shift a portion of responsibility for the crash if they can prove where the debris came from.

The Most Important Step After a Debris Accident Is Hiring Legal Assistance

If your car hit a piece of debris and caused an accident, the team at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC is ready to help. We’re ready to help you receive the compensation you deserve by investigating your accident thoroughly. We’ll work to prove where the debris came from and will fight to make sure you don’t have to suffer financially because of the negligence of another person.

Discovering if our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers can help you is free of cost and obligation when you call (888) 498-3023.

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