Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Statistics 2021


According to an NHTSA report published in 2019, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in a collision than car occupants per vehicle mile. Even a casual look at a motorcycle’s design reveals why: motorcycles lack a protective metal cage for riders that other vehicles have. Additionally, motorcycle riders have no airbags or safety restraints. When there’s a collision, riders are completely at the mercy of physics. The results are often deadly or catastrophic.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Facts

Since motorcycles are inherently dangerous, all drivers must devote an exceptional amount of attention to preventing collisions with riders. Each year, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation releases crash statistics for all accidents reported on the state’s roads.

Pennsylvania motorcycle crash statistics from 2020:

  • There were 3,398 motorcycle collisions in 2020, 215 of which were fatal
  • 93.4% of motorcycle crashes resulted in injury or death
  • Motorcycles were only involved in 3.3% of all crashes but made up 20.3% of all fatal crashes
  • At least 42.9% of riders who died in motorcycle crashes were wearing a helmet at the time, making fatality more likely without a helmet

Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Helmet Law

In 2003, lawmakers amended Pennsylvania law to make wearing a helmet optional for any rider of 21 years or older with more than 2 years of riding experience. However, emergency room doctors still recommend wearing a helmet—they say that helmets are a safer choice whether or not they are required by law. Statistically, you are 39% more likely to die in a motorcycle crash if you do not wear a helmet.

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