Attorney Jeff Watson Inducted into Million Dollar Advocates Forum After 7-Figure Settlement

Jeff Watson

Attorney J. Jeffrey Watson recently reached a confidential seven-figure settlement for a client injured at work. The incident involved allegations of negligent operation of a tractor-trailer, as well as negligent supervision and training by the driver’s employer. The settlement came before trial, but only after Attorney Watson advocated to ensure all responsible parties would be held accountable under the law in extended and contested litigation.

As a result of his exceptional work, he was inducted into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Before and during litigation, the client endured medical treatment to address life-altering injuries. Attorney Watson worked diligently with medical providers and insurance companies to ensure that his client’s needs were fully addressed—including home modifications, work modifications, and timely payment of all expenses associated with the injuries. While the tragic events cannot be undone, the substantial settlement will provide financial flexibility to our client and his family so that they can continue to move past these tragic events.

Holding Employers Accountable for Work Accidents

All trucking companies are obligated to mitigate risk as much as possible, both in the workplace and on the road. Good training, adequate scheduling, safe hiring practices, and other trucking policies are crucial to prevent serious accidents. When trucking companies and drivers cut corners and fail to provide these things, they need to be made responsible for all the losses and damages that result.

If you were harmed in a work accident or as a result of someone else’s negligence, speak with us as soon as possible: (888) 498-3023.

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