How to Know When Your Tire Is About to Fail

Old, abandoned tire in a puddle.

How many car crashes are caused by tire defects?

According to NHTSA data, roughly 2% of all crashes are caused by vehicle defects, but a third of those defects are related to tire problems. As the point of contact between your vehicle and the road, your tires are your first line of defense against a potential crash, whether it’s due to slippery conditions or a tire blowout.

To help drivers figure out when to replace their tires, we’ve made a resource to help you recognize the signs of tire splitting or tread separation.

Signs of Tread Separation or Tire Splitting

The majority of consumer vehicles have steel-belt radial tires, where metal cords and fabric are bonded to rubber casing. When the fabric and metal are improperly bonded to the casing, they can separate. If the separation occurs at high speeds, it could lead to a loss of vehicle control and a potentially life-changing collision.

Here are the surest signs of imminent tread separation:

  • Signs of wear have a wavy pattern, which indicates a bubble under the tire
  • Uneven wearing or bald spots in the tread
  • Car vibrating at low speeds
  • A “loose wheel” feeling as vibrations worsen
  • Inflation or “bubble” in the sidewall

Data indicates that tread separation is not a natural result of wear-and-tear, but is commonly the result of manufacturer defect. In cases where you identify your tire’s tread is beginning to separate, you should get them replaced for free from the manufacturer or whomever sold the tires to you.

If you were injured in a car accident due to defective tires, you’re owed much more than a replacement. As the cause of the accident, the tire manufacturer ought to provide for your complete medical care, loss of wages, and other damages you’ve suffered. To learn your options, speak with our Pennsylvania car accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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