Another Study Finds Chemical Hair Relaxers Increase Uterine Cancer Risk

Chemical lab.

Recent findings from the Boston University Black Women’s Health Study revealed that the use of chemical hair relaxers increased the risk of uterine cancer among postmenopausal women by more than 50%. The study looked at a long-term cohort of 44,798 women who self-identified as Black, had no history of cancer, had an intact uterus, and had used chemical hair relaxers in 1997. Among this group, 347 uterine cancer diagnoses were found.

Chemical hair relaxers are most used and marketed to Black women; 84% of non-Hispanic Black women used chemical hair relaxers from 2014–2022. Previous surveys found up to 95% of Black women have straightened their hair with chemical relaxers. While the risk to premenopausal Black women in the study was not high enough to measure with this sample size, postmenopausal Black women faced serious risk—particularly if they used chemical hair relaxers twice a year or for longer than five years.

The study highlights that Black women have “higher rates of aggressive subtypes” of uterine cancer and are more likely to die from it than other groups.

Chemical Hair Relaxer Claims Being Filed Now

In light of how harmful these products are, people who’ve developed uterine cancer after using chemical hair relaxers are suing L’Oreal and other manufacturers for failing to warn consumers. These lawsuits have been collected into multidistrict litigation (MDL), or a mass tort, under a single judge in Illinois. These are not a class action suit; instead, plaintiffs choose their own representation, bring their own individual case forward, and potentially receive a recovery to cover their losses alone. A mass tort allows all these cases to flow through a single judge to ensure consistency across rulings.

If you or a loved one uses chemical hair relaxers and was diagnosed with uterine cancer, speak with Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC as soon as possible. Our hair relaxer claims attorneys are currently investigating these claims, building cases for plaintiffs to fight for their right to recover medical bills, lost wages, lost quality of life, and more. To learn your legal options, call (888) 498-3023 for a free consultation.

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