Paradise Township School Bus Accident Injures Eight

School Bus Overturns in Lancaster County

A school bus carrying special needs children was involved in a serious accident this morning on Route 741 at Vintage Road, in Paradise Township. The accident caused the bus to be flipped onto it’s side on the roadway.

Dump Truck Rolled Through The Stop Sign

Reports indicate that a dump truck traveling North along South Vintage Road when it failed to stop at a stop sign, striking the side of the school bus at 8:25 am. Immediately after the crash, two passing motorists, one of which is a previous EMT, stopped to help all the children and adults out of the overturned bus.

The Fire Department Captain praised the two good samaritans’ efforts to evacuate all the occupants from the school bus. They unbuckled all the children from their seats, unlocked the wheelchairs from their restraints, and carried several children outside to safety before medics arrived.

Eight People Taken to Local Hospital

Four children and four adults were transported to the hospital to treat their injuries. Most of them were released by Noon, two more remain hospitalized until they receive test results.

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