Increased Penalties for Drivers Who Injure or Kill Highway Workers

A measure was recently approved by The Senate Transportation Committee in Harrisburg which increases fines & penalties for any drivers that injure a worker or that drive recklessly through a highway work zone. Previous fines for the Steer Clear law include fines up to $250, which can be doubled in certain areas. If a roadside worker or first responder was injured or killed, the driver’s license could be suspended up to 90 days. The new proposed legislation changes that to a fine of $5,000 and a mandatory suspension of driving privileges.

Will There Be Cameras at Roadside Work Zones?

There was a discussion in Harrisburg yesterday during a joint session between the House and Senate regarding the idea of having cameras to enforce speed limits in work zones. Maryland is currently using an automated safety enforcement system much like this. The cameras are getting drivers to slow down in Maryland, according to one safety director for a company that primarily handles road construction projects.

Workers Are Regular People Too

According to PennDOT, there were 1,845 accidents involving work zones in 2013, causing more than 1,200 injuries and 16 deaths.

PennDOT urges motorists to remember that highway workers are regular folks who just want to get home to their families at the end of a long workday, and asks that drivers be more careful around their neighbors who are working to make our roadways safer. Several other states have taken this same approach, running ad campaigns that tell insightful backstories of those killed while at work along the roadside.

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