Workers Comp Claim For Being Injured While Driving a Company Vehicle

Injured at Work Driving A Company Vehicle

A railroad worker in Western Pennsylvania and his helper were driving a company vehicle when they were involved in a car accident that, unknown at the time, injured them enough to seek medical treatment. Immediately following the accident, both workers reported some soreness and stiffness, but refused medical treatment. As time went on, the pain increased, and they received medical treatment from a local hospital.

Internal Investigation Leads To Workers Being Terminated

Both workers were taken out of service, pending an investigation and formal hearing on the matter. Then, they were both terminated, as management concluded that their reports of injuries sustained in the accident were false, conflicting, and constituted misconduct on their parts.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found the employer terminated the workers as a result of reporting the injuries to management. OSHA ordered the company to pay over $600,000 in damages in addition to reasonable attorney fees. OSHA has found this company to violate termination laws in the past for employees reporting work injuries.

Whistleblowers are Protected By OSHA

Whistleblower provisions are enforced by OSHA, along with 21 other statutes (state laws) that protect employees who report any violations for safety reasons or business practices. Employers are not permitted to retaliate against an employee who reports any concerns.

Hire A Local Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are ever injured at work or on the job, be sure to hire a local PA workers’ compensation attorney to handle your claims. While workers’ compensation is a national program, each state has it’s own rules (statutes), including time limits and required documents for filing a claim or appeal. In short, it’s a complicated process that can take a great amount of your time. Don’t risk the benefits you need by taking on this daunting task yourself, hire the right lawyer for your PA Workers Comp claim – it makes a difference.

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Workers’ Compensation Law Offices Throughout Pennsylvania

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