Study Ranks PA Low for Serving Elderly & Disabled

AARP released a new study that ranks PA as 36th nationally in terms of meeting long-term care needs for elderly and disabled residents. The study was based upon five dimensions and 26 total performance indicators. Some new indicators being used in this study include the use of anti-psychotic drugs and examining the length of stay in nursing homes.

The five dimensions are:

  • Affordability & access
  • Quality of life & quality of care
  • Choice of provider or setting
  • Effective transitions
  • Support for caregivers

While the ranking is an improvement from 2014 (when we ranked 42nd) we’re still in the bottom half of the nation.

Family Caregivers

Because the high cost of long term care is simply unaffordable for many middle class Pennsylvania residents, the bulk of care provided to the elderly is by unpaid family members who help their relatives maintain an independent lifestyle. Nursing homes and care homes are typically paid by Medicaid, so this “silent army” of caregivers actually saves the state nearly $20 billion per year.

The AARP wants to see this trend continue, as most seniors prefer to live at home rather than in a nursing home. The AARP is working to shift funds from nursing home care to find alternatives to keeping elderly residents at home with their family members.

Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse

It is understandable why most aging residents prefer to live at home, as there are more and more cases of nursing home abuse in Pennsylvania every year. If you have a family member in a nursing home who is not receiving the kind of medical care and support they require, contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney at Handler Henning & Rosenberg today for a free consultation about your legal rights.

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