HHR Sets New Record for Cumberland County with $5 Million Verdict

Six years ago today, our client was killed by a negligent driver in Silver Spring Township. His assailant fled the scene after running him over, leaving him covered in tire tracks. He died on the scene and was found later by law enforcement. Eventually, his assailant was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving a death, which is a felony in Pennsylvania.

Our firm was called to represent his estate against the driver who inflicted his fatal injuries, and Attorney Jordan Wartman took on the case. In a stunning victory in our client's memory and on behalf of his family, the court awarded his estate a total verdict of $5 million—what is believed to be the largest verdict ever awarded in Cumberland County.

The verdict included:

  • $1.5 million for the loved ones of the deceased, which include his young children
  • $500,000 for the deceased's estate under the Survival Act
  • $3 million in punitive damages against the at-fault driver

“While pleased with the verdict, we must not forget the two children who now live in a world without their father due to the reckless conduct of the defendant. There’s no ‘winner’ in a case like this; you can only hope the verdict holds the bad actor accountable and deters similar acts in the future,” Mr. Wartman said about the case. “I think this verdict did just that.”

We're extremely pleased with this result, and we're proud of our colleague Jordan Wartman, who ensured that this client and his children received justice for their losses, pain, and suffering.

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