Holiday Accident Statistics (& Ways to Stay Safe This Season)

The 2019 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics report from PennDOT was recently released, highlighting the safety issues faced by motorists in our state. Today, we want to focus on an issue that reaches its peak during the holiday season: alcohol-related crashes. In 2019, 1 in 10 holiday crashes were due to alcohol use, but almost 1 in 3 fatalities in the same period were due to alcohol.

The majority of drunk driving crashes involved:

  • Male drivers
  • Drinking drivers between 21 and 30
  • Passenger cars and motorcycles
  • Saturday nights between 8 PM and 12 AM

Over 75% of passenger deaths happened to the passengers with the drinking driver, while fewer than 25% occurred to the passengers of other vehicles. Statistically, that means more passenger deaths could be prevented through having a designated driver than anything else.

What Passengers & Family Members Can Do to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents

While drunk driving accidents can happen to us through no fault of our own, there are certain measures we can take to prevent drunk driving accidents based on the statistics we have available to us. For instance, knowing that drunk driving accidents most often occur between 8PM and midnight on the weekends means we should drive extra defensively at those hours during the holidays.

Additionally, knowing that most drunk driving accidents happen to people in their 20s means we should be extra vigilant for our relatives and loved ones at that age. When people visit their hometowns for the holidays, reuniting with old friends often leads to drinking. As a result, people should make themselves available to pick up family members (or urge each other to use rideshare apps if they need to).

For more data about Pennsylvania drunk driving accidents, visit here.

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