Fatal Pileup in Schuylkill County on I-81 Captured on Video

Snowy highway with trees on both sides.

Snow squalls have brought visibility down to nearly nothing on Pennsylvania highways, resulting in at least one fatal crash. Earlier today, a bystander caught video of a multiple vehicle pileup on I-81 in Schuylkill County, capturing the moment that an 18-wheeler slammed into multiple vehicles and other trucks that were already stopped. Authorities have confirmed three fatalities were caused by the pileup, but the county coroner said the death toll was expected to rise.

Joe Holden of CBS News retweeted partial video of the crash:

The pileup involved 60 vehicles total and may have ignited a "large fire," according to officials. In addition to the multiple fatalities, there have been numerous serious injuries reported; at least three large trucks caught fire, which continues to burn as of this writing.

Just 2 weeks ago, a 73-vehicle pileup caused nearly a dozen injuries on I-581 in Cumberland County. That pileup was also caused by severe snow and whiteout conditions.

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Our hearts go out to the injured and grieving. As this is a developing story, HHR will be monitoring reports of the crash for updates.

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