Concerns Regarding Nursing Home Privacy for Patients

When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you have the legal right to trust that the nursing home and its staff will take all measures to protect your loved one - this includes preventing any actions that could physically or emotionally harm your loved one. Unfortunately, the number of nursing home lawsuits is increasing due to the poor and negligent care nursing home residents receive. Sadly, another form of nursing home abuse is increasing - the use of social media to post and share images of nursing home residents without their consent.

The Use of Social Media by Nursing Home Employees

According to government inspection reports, court cases, and news reports, 36 incidents have been documented of nursing home employees have posting videos or photographs of residents to social media without the residents' consent since 2012.

Content Shared Without Consent

In July 2014, a photograph of an employee and a resident on the bathroom floor while the resident was being changed was taken without the resident's consent. The incident occurred at the Emmanuel Center for Nursing in Danville, PA. In other incidents around the country a video of a resident sitting on the toilet was posted to Snapchat; a video of an employee slapping a nursing home patient in Illinois was shared on social media; and, in Livingston, NJ, a nursing home employee photographed a resident's genitals and sent the picture to a friend who uploaded it to Facebook.

Harassment & Bullying Are Acts Of Nursing Home Abuse

These disturbing incidents and many more are an indication that the use of social media by nursing home employees is a problem that must be addressed. It is also another indication that nursing home abuse is still occurring in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse or elder neglect, they may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the nursing home and the staff member in additional to any criminal charges that the state may file. Contact our office immediately to discuss your right and your loved one's right to file a nursing home lawsuit.

The violation of your loved one's right to privacy is just as invasive and hurtful as any other type of nursing home abuse. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working to develop new definitions of "exploitation, neglect, and abuse in nursing homes. Do not wait on a government agency to protect your loved one - take steps now to hold facilities and employees accountable for nursing home abuse by filing a nursing home lawsuit.

Do You Need an Experienced Pennsylvania Nursing Home Attorney?

Contact the experienced nursing home lawyers of Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC to schedule a free consultation. We understand that protecting your loved one in a nursing home is your top priority so it is also our top priority. We want to work with you to hold the person or party at fault for a nursing home injury accountable for his or her actions.

Contact our office as soon as possible because time is limited. You only have a specific period to file a Pennsylvania nursing home lawsuit. Do not let the person or party who injured in your loved one get away with negligent actions because your action is barred by our Statute of Limitations. Schedule your free case evaluation with an attorney now.


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