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It is a tragic reality that nursing home abuse is a problem in the United States—and an all too common problem at that. Some studies suggest that nursing home neglect and abuse is woefully underreported. Our team at Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC offers representation for the victims of elder abuse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Contact our dedicated firm at (717) 775-7579 for a free case evaluation with our team. A Lancaster personal injury attorney can help you understand your options.

What Does Nursing Home Abuse Look Like?

Nursing home abuse can take many forms. Abuse can be physical, emotional/psychological, financial, or sexual in nature. Negligence is another leading cause of avoidable nursing home injuries. Nursing home patients should be treated with care and respect; their needs should be met, their dignity preserved, and their wishes heard and prioritized. While many nursing homes are staffed by caring professionals, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Abuse is against the law.

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Who Are the Victims of Nursing Home Negligence / Abuse?

Any nursing home patient can be a victim of abuse. Studies have found that:

  • Over a period of two years, 33% of nursing homes surveyed were cited for potential harmful violations
  • Over two years, almost 10% of nursing homes surveyed were guilty of violations that caused harm, injury, or possibility of fatality
  • 44% of nursing home residents surveyed reported that they were the victims of at least one occasion of abuse
  • 95% of nursing home residents surveyed reported seeing other residents neglected

There are anti-elder abuse laws in place in all 50 states to prevent serious injury and wrongful death. If you have a loved one in a nursing home, it’s important to know the signs of abuse. If you suspect that your loved one may be in a position where he/she could be the victim of abuse or negligence, take action. Report the situation to the appropriate authorities immediately, and get help for your loved one. Speak with an attorney from our firm in a free consultation for additional support and information.

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