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Virtually every death is painful and feels wrong—so what makes a death "wrongful"? A wrongful death is when someone dies due to someone else's failure or negligence. That failure could include driving while drunk or driving while texting. Failure could consist of an employer not installing adequate safety equipment at a factory. Failure could even include manufacturing a product or medication so that it has unreasonably unsafe side effects that lead to a fatal accident.

In other words: Wrongful death is unnatural. Wrongful death is preventable. Wrongful death should never happen.

When someone commits wrongful death, the courts allow the deceased person's family to hold the wrongdoer accountable. Unlike homicide cases, wrongful death claims are brought directly by the loved ones of the victim. It forces negligent companies and individuals to face the people they robbed, to look grieving people in the eye. It also allows families to get closure for their loved one's death—in many ways, forcing people to answer for a person's death allows their loved ones to move on with peace.

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The Reason Families Should Always File Wrongful Death Claims

The first reason is personal: because families need support after a loved one's death, and that support often only comes when you fight for it. The death of a spouse or a parent doesn't just cause grief—it creates instability and makes children more likely to struggle in school and in their personal lives. Husbands and wives lose spousal companionship; children lose parental guidance. Both of these things are concrete benefits that create long-term happiness—losing them is brutal and needs to be answered for.

Financially, a loved one's death could rob a family of stability by taking away 50-100 percent of the household income. How will grieving families afford their home or pay the bills? How can spouses properly grieve when all he or she can think about is how they're going to provide for the kids?

The second reason is principled: people die from negligence because companies think it's cheaper to risk a few lawsuits than solve problems. The more lawsuits companies face, the more likely they're going to fix their problems. Holding companies accountable for wrongful death helps ensure that no other family has to go through what you're going through. That means something.

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