Pennsylvania Motorcycle Helmet Laws (2020 Update)

motorcycle helmet

According to the most recent statistics, helmet usage has improved in recent years. Helmets still offer the simplest and most effective form of protection against head injury. The use of a helmet is linked to a 69% lower risk of head injury and a 50% lower risk of death. That’s why many states require them, including Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania requires the use of a helmet when using a motorcycle (including three-wheeled autocycles) unless the following conditions are met:

  • The operator or rider is over 21, 


  • They have two years of riding experience OR
  • They’ve completed a motorcycle safety course approved by either PennDOT or the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation).

The regulations governing helmet usage come with regulations about what counts as “protective headgear.” After all, you can’t just wear a baseball cap and call it “protective.” All helmets approved for motorcycle riders and operators have a DOT sticker on the back, including the manufacturer information and when the helmet was produced. Technically, Pennsylvania-legal helmets must provide at least a 120-degree field-of-view, but virtually all helmets naturally provide much more than that.

Do I Need Goggles on a Motorcycle?

You don’t need to wear goggles, but the law does require you to wear some kind of shielding over your eyes for your safety and others. This can be as simple as a pair of glasses or as strong as a shatterproof helmet with face shielding. Shatterproof eye protection provides an extra layer of safety in a crash. 

In the event that you get into a crash, a helmet will help keep you alive, but it won’t pay for your medical care if you get injured. For that, you’ll need the help of a Harrisburg motorcycle injury lawyer. Speak with us in a free consultation to learn your legal options. 

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