Common Terms Used in a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Case

Premises liability cases, more commonly referred to as "slip and fall" claims, occur when a property owner fails to provide a safe environment for customers, visitors, or guests that come onto the property. When a property owner fails in this duty of care, the property owner is liable for any damages as a result of this breach of duty. As premises liability attorneys, we understand how important it is to hold the property owner accountable to protect your rights as well as prevent others from being harmed by forcing the property owner to correct the situation or face additional lawsuits.

Terms We Use in a Slip & Fall Case

You will hear many legal terms as we work to file your slip and fall claim. These are some of the most common terms you will hear.

  • Property Owner - The person or entity who holds legal title to the property.
  • Dangerous Condition - A condition that exists on the property that puts a visitor, customer, or any other person on the property at risk of injury (i.e. broken stairs, faulty wiring, torn carpet, etc.).
  • Notice - This term refers to the element of slip and fall cases requiring that the property owner knew or should have known that a dangerous condition existed on the property.
  • Physical Damages - The bodily injuries sustained by the accident victim (i.e. broken bones, lacerations, burns, head trauma, etc.).
  • Financial Damages - This refers to the monetary damages incurred due to the accident including medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses.
  • Pain and Suffering - The victim is entitled to be compensation for his or her physical pain and emotional suffering due to the accident and injuries.
  • Causation - Proving that your injury was a direct result (i.e. caused by) the dangerous condition which the owner knew or should have known existed on the property.
  • Liability - The property owner is responsible for your injuries due to the slip and fall. The property owner must pay you for your damages and losses.

Proving Your Claim for Compensation for a Slip & Fall Accident

In order for the property owner to be liable, your attorney must use evidence the attorney gathered during the accident investigation to prove:

  1. The dangerous condition existed at the time you were on the property;
  2. The property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition;
  3. You suffered injuries while on the property; and,
  4. Your injuries were a direct result of the dangerous condition that existed on the property.

Have You Been Injured in a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Case?

Our experienced premises liability attorneys want to help you receive the compensation you deserve for a slip and fall injury. It is our job to handle the legal portion of your slip and fall claim while you focus on your health and your recovery. Insurance companies try to blame slip and fall victims for their injuries - we understand how to fight the insurance company tactics to protect your right to receive a just and fair settlement for your injuries. Contact Handler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC for a free consultation. You deserve to be treated fairly by the property owner and the insurance company - we want to make sure that happens for you.


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