Phone Usage Dangerous on the Road Despite Hands-Free Technology

There’s no way around it: smartphones are ingrained into our daily lives. We use them to contact others, to preserve memories through photos, and even to accomplish tasks such as shopping. As the smartphone has gained popularity, so has the prevalence of distracted driving on American roads. One independent report found that nearly 69 million drivers use their phones behind the wheel each day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that distracted drivers caused 9 percent of fatal accidents in 2017. Distracted driving is a problem which played a significant role in over 3,000 deaths in 2015. If hands-free devices are still grabbing the attention of drivers, then they are contributing to this dangerous trend.

Drivers Using Hands-Free Devices Are Still Distracted

According to the recent study released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers using hands-free technology can still be distracted for up to 27 seconds, even if they never take their hands off the wheel. The study explains that repeated errors using voice-activated technology still causes people to look down at their device even when using it in hands-free mode. In addition to this distraction, drivers are still interacting physically with devices as they input numbers to make a call or glance at the screen for updates.

Distracted Driving Responsible for Many Serious Car Accident Injuries in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, like most other states, has laws prohibiting the use of mobile devices while driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving still causes severe auto accidents around the state of Pennsylvania. Teenage drivers, who are more prone to use their phones while behind the wheel, are the most common drivers distracted by technology. However, older drivers who are less familiar with technology can also be distracted and cause a car accident.

Injured by A Distracted Driver? You Have Rights to Compensation.

Accidents caused by distracted drivers in Pennsylvania have serious ramifications, especially for those who did not cause them. A car accident can cause physical and emotional suffering which require expensive care for recovery. Fortunately, if you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a crash caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation. Medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and other damages are recoverable with the help of a Pennsylvania car accident attorney.

Don’t Fight the Insurance Company Alone—Get Legal Representation

When you file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver in Pennsylvania, you will likely have to deal with an insurance company who may not have your best interest in mind. Instead, they might try using every trick in the book to deny you the compensation you desire. Insurance companies often do everything it takes to maximize their profits, including delaying or denying claims. Don’t settle for a low-ball offer; instead. call Handler, Henning & Rosenberg to work for you and get the compensation you deserve.

Pennsylvania Car Accident Injury Lawyers Here for You

If you’ve sustained injuries in a car accident, then you need lawyers who have the experience and resources to stand up to the insurance companies. Call Handler, Henning & Rosenberg Law today at (888) 498-3023 today to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys have won tens of millions for clients who need help through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

While we are skilled negotiators, we are also fierce litigators. If our clients do not receive a fair offer from the other party, we will never hesitate to take their claim to court. With tens of thousands of cases won since 1922, our firm never settles for less than clients deserve. We proudly represent clients throughout Eastern & Central Pennsylvania, including; Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Carlisle, Hanover, Chambersburg, Lewistown, and Shippensburg.


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