PennDOT 2013 Car Accident Statistics

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2013 Car Accident Statistics for Pennsylvania

  • Total reported crashes = 124,149
  • Total Injuries = 83,039 (15,916 were serious or moderate injuries)
  • Total Deaths in PA = 1,208
  • Economic loss due to reportable traffic crashes total over $14 Billion, which amounts to $1,099 for every man, woman, and child in Pennsylvania.

Car Crashes Involving Driver Error – 2013 Data

  • Speed related crashes = 33,813
  • DUI related accidents = 10,084
  • Improper turning related = 12,389
  • Distracted drivers = 14,372
  • Proceeding without clearance = 8,089
  • Careless/Illegal passing = 4,125
  • Taigating = 5,646
  • Drowsy drivers = 2,455

Source: PennDOT 2013 Crash Facts and Statistics

Drive Carefully, Especially During Holidays

When one explores the data a bit further, you find that most car accidents in PA occur around the Thanksgiving Holiday. Also, there is a great number of accidents that happen in December, and not surprisingly, after dark. As a personal injury law firm, our Car Accident attorneys see too many people injured by no fault of their own. Almost every time, the accident may have been avoided by the at-fault driver practicing a bit more care to avoid a dangerous situation.

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