Leading Causes of Car Accidents in PA

When asking PA injury lawyers at our firm what the leading cause of car accidents is today, you are likely to get varying answers. For instance, when we asked the attorneys in our York PA office, the answer most commonly given was distracted driving. Attorneys in our Lancaster PA office cited excessive speed as being most prevalent, while car accident lawyers in Harrisburg PA see more fatigued drivers.

Distracted Driving

Primarily, we are talking about cell phone use while driving. Texting and using cell phones while driving is a serious hazard, so much so that our federal government has developed a website dedicated to distracted driving. On that site is a quote stating that distracted driving is the leading cause of death in New Jersey – very close to Pennsylvania.

Excessive Speed

This is pretty self-explanatory. Driving too fast for the road conditions or too fast for your vehicle is dangerous. One false move and you are out of control, which could not only injure you, but also innocent victims that were just minding their own business. Be conscientious about your speed, drive within your limits (and your vehicle’s limits), and avoid hurting yourself or anyone else around you.

Fatigued Drivers

While semi truck drivers are typically thought of when speaking of fatigued drivers, virtually anyone can fall into this category. Although most car accidents attributed to fatigued drivers happen between 11pm and 8am, the fact is that some folks keep different hours than the rest of us. People working the night shift can be fatigued on their way home while most people are heading in to the office for the day.

Intentional Car Accidents

No, we are not referring to people actively seeking a car accident. We are, however talking about drivers who make a conscious decision that leads to a car accident. This would include drunk drivers and aggressive drivers. Aggressive driving would include the following behaviors:

  • Tailgating
  • Failure to Merge or Failure to Yield the Right of Way (this includes refusing the right of way)
  • Unsafe Lane Changes or Frequent Lane Changes
  • Flashing Headlights at Other Drivers
  • Disregard for Traffic Signals or Road Signs

PA Car Accident Injury Lawyer In Your Area

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